CPTC is proud to announce the successful running of the 52nd Annual Canadian Power Toboggan Championships on March 1 & 2, 2014.  In spite of the bitterly cold weather, we had a great turn-out of drivers and better yet, the ambulance was not needed once throughout the whole weekend!

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our newly-crowned Canadian Champion, Gary Moyle, of Houghton, Michigan who, despite mechanical problems with his 2014 Arctic Cat in Saturday’s Pro Champ 440 final as well as in his last heat race on Sunday, managed to finish 1st when it counted in Sunday’s Pro Champ 440 final.  Gary went home with $2970 for his win.  It’s great to have your name back on our trophy again, Gary!

Taking 2nd place on his 2014 Polaris was Nick Van Strydonk out of Tomahawk, Wisconsin.  Nick was rewarded with cheques totalling $2945 for his weekend efforts, which included a 1st place finish in Saturday’s Pro Champ 440 final.

Third spot went to our very own Travis MacDonald from Lockport, Manitoba on his 2014 Skidoo.  Travis enjoyed a payday of $1735, which included a 3rd place finish in Saturday’s Pro Champ 440 final.

We would be remiss if we didn’t also send out congratulations to Jordan Wahl, last year’s Canadian Champ, who placed 2nd in Saturday’s Pro Champ 440 final on his 2014 Polaris but was unable to defend his title, coming in 5th in Sunday’s race.  Jordan still managed to take home pay cheques totalling $1285 for his hard work.

Other big winners include Glen Hart out of Winnipeg, Manitoba who took home $1720 for his 1st place finish in the Jerry Bunke Memorial Challenge, Blaine Stephenson from Hutchinson, Minnesota who won $1134 for capturing 1st place in the Pro Formula 500 class, and Tyler Lyberg from Lancaster, Minnesota who earned $657 for his win in the Semi Pro Formula 500 class.

As always, CPTC paid out 100% of the driver registration fees to the winners in each class, and along with added-in money to the purse, paid out a grand total of $22,700.  For a full list of winners in each class, please click on “View Event Results in the left-hand column.

CPTC would like to thank all the racers who came out to put on such a great show once again for all the race fans, from the Kitty Kat and 120 class, through the Vintage classes, right on up to the Pro Champ drivers.  We would also like to thank all of our volunteers who so generously give of themselves year after year to help put on “The Greatest Show on Snow.”  CPTC would also like to give special recognition to all of our sponsors and advertisers, without whose support this race would not be possible, nor nearly as successful.  Of course last, but definitely not least, a very special thank you to all the race fans for their loyal support of our race, even in spite of the bitterly cold weather this year.

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We look forward to seeing all the racers, crews, fans and their families at our upcoming events.  


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